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BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking – One of the largest issuers of derivatives

With more than 150,000 certificates and leverage products, BNP Paribas is one of Germany’s largest issuers of derivatives. The bank is regularly awarded for the outstanding quality of its business practices, service, trading and products.

Regardless whether you are a private investor and only starting to get to know the stock market, or an asset manager looking to hedge deposits, BNP Paribas offers investment products for every need. Likewise, leverage products can enrich your portfolio. You have the opportunity to participate in the development of indices, equities, commodities and currencies in an offensive or defensive way. BNP Paribas offers a wide variety of certificates, knock-out-products and warrants.

Responsible trading requires good market knowledge, which you can reinforce with the help of our services. The daily’s inform you about the most important news on the markets. Weekly, interesting webinars are held to provide chart analysis as well as relevant news and macroeconomic events.

The Trader’s Box is another milestone, which differentiates BNP Paribas from other issuers. The App named Trader’s Box is available on the app store for the iPhone and on Google Play, while being free of charge. It provides added value with free realtime-push-quotes, an intuitive product search via three clicks only, daily newsletters, news, a watchlist as well as direct contact to the BNP Paribas Derivatives Team.

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