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BNP Paribas Foundation in Germany A responsible partner


Mission statement: Create opportunities – cross borders

“The BNP Paribas Stiftung is a reliable and responsible partner for social initiatives, acting to improve the chances of children and youths through education and arts. In these times of social change, the BNP Paribas Stiftung makes a targeted contribution to help young people develop into open-minded, self-motivated, and responsible citizens in Germany, Europe and beyond.”

Dirk-Michael Mitter
Chairman of the Foundation Council

The BNP Paribas Group’s foundation in Germany was founded in 2015. It supports educational, art and culture projects throughout the country. In doing so, it specifically supports children and young people who have to overcome hurdles and barriers in their own personal biography, for example as a result of social disadvantage, disability or a migration or refugee background.
As a foundation of a globally active banking group, the BNP Paribas Foundation promotes the guiding principle of international dialogue. The projects that it supports bring young people with different backgrounds and origins together – thus contributing to intercultural understanding and solidarity. All children and young people should be given equal opportunities to discover their own strengths and talents to be able to develop and evolve in the best possible way.

Funded organisations (examples):

  • Stiftung Lesen: Promotion of reading motivation and skills as a basis for a successful and self-determined life
  • TalentAkademie / Kammerklicke (theatre project): Discovery and development of individual talents
  • Joblinge: Qualification of disadvantaged young people for professional training and a job
  • nestwaerme e.V.: support of families with handicapped or ill children to better deal with their everyday challenges
  • VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde: Follow-up trainings for handicapped children and their assistant dogs

More details about the BNP Paribas Foundation in Germany are available on the German page.

Homepage of the international BNP Paribas Foundation (external Link).

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