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For BNP Paribas, Sustainable Finance is not just a catchphrase, but rather a part of everyday life: we develop sustainable investment and financing products on the basis of the 17 United Nations Social Development Goals for our customers and support them on their journey to a sustainable economy.

Climate neutrality and the Net Zero Banking Alliance

As one of seven finance institutions, BNP Paribas was among the first signatories to the Net Zero Banking Alliance. This initiative supports banks in adapting their investment and loan portfolios to the climate target of 1.5 degrees and achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In Germany we participate in two Net Zero Banking Alliance working groups. Our business units are also committed to this goal: BNP Paribas Cardif, for example, has joined the Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance and BNP Paribas Asset Management has joined the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative.

We have been conducting ESG assessments for all of our institutional clients for several years. In 2022, we professionalised this process even further and expanded our analyses in the areas of climate, pollution and biodiversity, employee rights, consumer protection, corporate governance and business ethics.

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Transformation of business models towards sustainability

Our business units in Germany support numerous companies from all sectors, including the public sector, in becoming more sustainable in their practices. To this end, we look for viable solutions together, which range from green bonds for sustainable energy or transport projects or ecological agriculture to green buildings and electromobility.

The groupwide Low Carbon Transition Group was started in 2021. By 2025, more than 250 experts from BNP Paribas will contribute their expertise to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon economy in companies and institutions. For this purpose, we have our own Sustainable Business & Advisory Team in Germany, headed by Eva Meyer, Chief Sustainability Officer & Head of Company Engagement Germany. Apart from providing advice to our customers and partners directly, this team works together closely with the individual business units and their sustainability managers.

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Sector policies: Rules for business relations with sensitive sectors

Some industries harbour particularly high environmental, social or responsible corporate governance (ESG) challenges – among which defence, palm oil or the nuclear sector. BNP Paribas Group, together with external experts, have developed special sets of rules, the so-called Sector Policies, for these industries. We consult these policies when making investment or financing decisions.

Overview of the global goals of the BNP Paribas Group by 2025

150 billion EURO for sustainable credit

200 billion EURO for sustainable lending

300 billion EURO for sustainable investments

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