Rethinking factoring

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A changing world constantly requires new ideas and solutions on all levels. BNP Paribas Factor takes a leading role with its innovative factoring and working capital management solutions.

The basis of innovative strength

BNP Paribas Factor supports 14,000 clients globally with its international network. More than 50 years of experience in factoring have made the company the European market leader. Customised products can be offered to clients from a single source because BNP Paribas Factor has the knowledge and experience as well as the necessary IT resources and funding sources.

In the spirit of the best joint solution, BNP Paribas Factor is constantly looking for further program optimisations, because the maxim is: “You take care of your business, we take care of your receivables!”

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Sustainability-linked factoring supports the fulfilment of ESG goals

Sustainability-linked factoring is a financing module with ESG characteristics and complements classic factoring solutions. Sustainability-linked factoring can be built perfectly into a company’s corporate philosophy by linking it to its own sustainability goals.

The pricing is combined with a bonus-malus system based on two to three sustainability key performance indicators. If the targets that were previously checked and approved by BNP Paribas Factor are met, costs for the factoring are reduced with one bonus, if not, they are increased with one malus.  

BNP Paribas Factor successfully implemented this model for the first time for a global automotive supplier as early as 2021. 

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