Digital banking

Secure and autonomous

Abbildung von Kund:innen, die sich mit dem Digitalen Banking befassen

With the services of the Consorsbank as a digital bank, we help our clients to shape their financial future in a digital, autonomous and secure way by offering a holistic and personalised range of savings and investment products.

Autonomy through support

The Consorsbank allows its clients to develop a clear understanding of where to save and where they can invest. For this, it offers solutions which assist clients in planning and mastering their financial future in any situation. Especially when it comes to money, it is important to have a good, secure feeling – which means having control over your finances and making informed decisions.

But although the autonomy of its clients is an important concern, Consorsbank does not leave them alone. Whether via the app, the Web, or personally, they are always available and thereby support wealth accumulation with smart investment ideas, model portfolios to replicate understandable communication of financial knowledge, and useful digital tools such as savings plan calculators, portfolio evaluations or securities search engines.

Wealth accumulation through securities

The cosmos ranges from shares to funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds) to certificates, CFDs (contract for differences) and Eurex trading. More than 30 national and international stock markets are available for direct digital trading and offer clients next to once-off investments also multiple securities for regular investments as part of savings plans. Services and products for everyday banking such as current accounts and the brokerage of real estate, installments or securities loans complete the portfolio for a comprehensive client experience.

Photograph of a Consorsbank client

One of the leading direct banks in Europe

The Consorsbank already has 1.5 million clients in Germany and is one of the leading direct banks in Europe together with Hello Bank from BNP Paribas. Especially in the segment of online brokerage and investment, Consorsbank leads the way and offers its clients a comprehensive range of products. The range of products is continuously developed further in close cooperation with customers and the wider community.

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