Stock study: Between uncertainty and desire for more

November 11, 2022

Consorsbank, together with three other direct brokers with whom it has joined forces in the “Aktion pro Aktie”, has published the 2022 stock study. For this purpose, a total of 2,000 Germans aged 18 and over were surveyed online in July and August. The “Aktion pro Aktie” aims to contribute to strengthening the shareholder culture in Germany, which is still underdeveloped by international standards. Since 2014, it has published an annual study on the subject.

Among the most popular investments, individual stocks continue to gain appeal – compared to before Covid, they rose by five percentage points to 15 percent in 2022. Overall, 36 percent of Germans have invested money in securities, with equity funds being the most popular: 18 percent of Germans hold such funds.

The Ukraine war is leading to global turbulence in politics and the economy and is thus also impacting stock trading. Opinions are more divided than ever: For 53 percent of respondents, a new equity investment seems too risky at the moment. 10 percent have sold existing equity investments due to the situation. 37 percent of Germans, on the other hand, have thought about investing in shares, and 13 percent have actually made an investment. A good quarter of Germans who already own shares have even invested more than before.

Stocks are especially popular with men. 43 percent of men invest in equity funds, individual stocks, securities savings plans and/or ETFs, but only 29 percent of women. With a view to the target group of shareholders, individual stocks and ETFs are also more often owned my men. But women are catching up: A quarter of them have invested in equities for the first time in the past two years, but only a fifth of men.

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